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A Message of Trust: A Spirit Channel

Spirit Says,
“Trust cannot be outsourced. It must be with you.
For you.
Of you.
Trust in Spirit begins with trust in yourself; you see, feel, hear your highest guidance correctly.
Abandon the pleasures of falsehood stating trust is beyond what you can control and maintain, for how can you trust in us if you cannot know trust in yourself? There in itself is the biggest block.”
Spirit Channel,
August 26th, 2016

Daily Readings, Tarot

The Power of Cleaning: A Daily Reading

Firmly seated in the house of lunar Gemini, today holds tremendous potential to challenge our restraint and humility.

It will be incredibly easy to find ourselves huffing and puffing at the words or actions of others (or, for those who internalize, ourselves) and we could benefit greatly by staying mindful of this wonky current throughout the day.

If you find yourself really spinning on an exchange or situation, offer it to a higher source as you transform it through cleaning. Even if you just tackle your desk junk drawer, hold the intention that your personal energy will be sorted with it. You wouldn’t believe the amount of times I took my problems to a broom only to have their solutions sweep in directly afterwards.

Daily Readings, Spirit Art

Spirit Art: The Message of Mary

Here is another example of my Spirit Art, completed using oils.

Mary appeared in session earlier this year with a tremendous amount of happiness and love for her great-granddaughter. She showed so much joy at the opportunity to speak again that it was palpable and radiated the most beautiful golden yellow color around her.

Her message was about how important embracing adventure was. She wanted to remind us of the joy that is earned through discovery and innovation, and that we are only stuck in ruts if we choose to be.

Mary was certainly no stranger to forward-thinking. In her lifetime, she founded a traveling circus — most certainly not a chosen profession for a lady of her era! Her thirst for adventure created opportunities for the enjoyment to hundreds of thousands while creating placement for the other “misfits” of society.

Dare to do what feels good, even if that adventure carries you beyond the limits of what others can understand.

Daily Readings, Spirit Channels

Our Power of Projection: A Spirit Channel

Spirit Says,

“There are many ways in which we interpret the signs of life around us. Symbols are used by every earth walker as cues to direct and redirect your pathways and navigate through the infrastructure of choice that shapes your world.

Do you stop to consider what signs and signals you’re sending to others? To the universe at large?
If your thoughts are responsible for creating your reality, what you think to be true about yourself and others shapes the way you experience this dream, consider for a moment the power of manifestation that your words hold.

To combine thought with voice connects two extraordinary gifts you possess. Like striking a match to flame, what you speak becomes ‘what is’, even if that’s only subjective to the internal experience. Yet, we can see nothing more significant to your life than your clarity of feelings. So to get ahead, to move away from the proverbial rut in the road, doesn’t it make sense to start there? To start changing how you perceive what’s around you?

The way think shapes the way you speak. The way you speak attracts what you experience. What you experience influences the way you think. Do you see this loop here? Do you see how much power you truly hold?”

Spirit Channel,
August 24th, 2016

For those stuck on old worries and running on an old way of being, there’s an great exercise called ‘The God Box’ shared by Toshia Silver: “You simply write down your worries and pop them into some kind of container, as simple or elegant as you wish. Whenever a new worry comes up, into the Box it goes. You don’t even need a clear concept of God to do this. You could make the offering to your own highest wisdom or to the Force that keeps the birds aloft in the sky. Doesn’t matter.

Sounds simplistic, but honestly, it works. If the problem torments you again, you remember, “It’s in the Box. It’s done.” You can also add as many other problems as you wish. Because studies show the mind recalibrates in twenty-one days, try to reliably submit a particular worry for at least that long. During the period of offering, solutions often spontaneously arise. When the mind is no longer grasping for an answer, space opens. The Box gives room for a Divine plan, even in impossible messes.”

Outragous Openness: Letting the Divine Take the Lead,  Toshia Silver. Atria Books

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Animal Medicine: The Message of the Crab

Spirit Says,
“The energy of trust remains in dire need of the public conscious.
Trust that the changes which have occurred in your life are as they should be.
Trust that difficulties presented are not permanent.
Trust that love guides— that we guide you in full understanding of your ending goal.
In full view of yourselves, some feeling stripped raw, you are now presented with a choice: to allow the soft pink underbelly of this new vulnerability to step out into the world and create new experiences, or to put back on the old armor you’ve worn thin.
Change is but a moment rendered. Transmutation is the objective.”

This Full Moon cycle gave us the tremendous gift of transformation, motivating some very dramatic and unexpected shifts in our stories.
Many of us were caught off guard by the strength of our emotions and inner knowing, and the gift of confidence we felt to turn that repressed energy into action.

You said I love you.
You said goodbye.
You accepted the job.
You signed the lease.
You started the group.
You finally screamed, “This isn’t enough for me!”
And bravely spoke aloud, “No, this is asking too much.”

And for those of you who resisted, who said, “No, I will not do the thing I need to do!” The Universe responded by dropping a big coconut on your head hollering down, “Sorry babe! This needs to happen and I love you enough to make this change for you!”

As this Full Moon wanes, it will pull back this energy of freedom seeking and confidence with it. Now in lunar Pisces, for some these will be replaced by a lamenting sort of grief and questioning. We can easily fall into doubting ourselves, doubting our paths and doubting these changes facilitated by or for us, wondering what in the hell we were thinking.

What you need to know is that you weren’t thinking. The gift of the Moon allowed our souls to speak for us and lead the way. Our minds were completely out of it, which is why we didn’t stop to question the actions we were making – we just knew what it was that needed to be done.

This message today is saying, “don’t stop.”
You’re going to feel vulnerable.
You’re going to feel raw. Just go ahead and expect it.

Like the Crab, we’ve molted that old shell that was too small for us, too limiting. I know the wind feels a little cool on this new skin, but that is the gift all in itself. We FEEL it. We have the opportunity to experience life in new ways. Trust that what has happened, asked for or not, is because it was what needed to be.

Love you all.